Well, I just had the bajeebus scared out of me. I use Dropbox and write on two devices. Everything syncs across both devices, I just gotta make sure I quit Scrivener completely on the device I’m NOT writing on when I’m done. Today was no different.

I open Scrivener, and get “Project File Not Found”. The drama that was happening on the episode of the Housewives I was watching had NOTHING on the drama this computer was about to face.
I check my Dropbox folder and the Acorn 666 Scrivener file is there. Opening the file didn’t seem to make anything happen. No spinning wheel, not acknowledgment from the computer it was loading anything.

Along with that file, though, are a bunch of “conflicted copy” files. If you followed me on my old site, you know I used to use Ubuntu Linux. For some reason, Linux, Dropbox, and Scrivener didn’t get along and created a whole bunch of these “conflicted copy” files. I left them there for a long time, but today, they started to cause this problem.

Erasing the “conflicted copy” files is the fix. Move ’em to your trash and try opening the project file again — you should be good to go! Feel free to share any other fixes, if there are any, in the comments below (and if you found this post via Google; go drink. You need to calm down too!).