I decided to remove my books from Amazon’s Kindle Select program today. I’m using Draft2Digital to upload my books to several online retailers including iBooks, B&N, and Kobo. Using Scrivener, the process of converting my books to .epub was relatively simple. The longest part of the process was just filling out the forms to add the books to the sites. I’m going to see how this impacts sales when deciding what platforms I want to sell Trailer Queens on.

In other news, Acorn 666 Episode 1: Fire Sky can be downloaded for FREE as a gift for signing up to my mailing list by clicking this link here. I’ve heard good things about list building using instaFreebie, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Here’s today’s mall walk. We only walked 1.5 miles today but promised to get back to walking 2 miles again tomorrow. We’re still recovering from a party weekend (and we didn’t even watch the Super Bowl).

That’s all for today! Fellow authors – feel free to leave comments in regards to leaving Select. I’m curious of as to what your experience may have been like.




Welcome to my new humble abode on the interwebs!

Let me introduce myself. I promise not to make this as awkward as those “get to know each other” activities when you start a new job or class. No one likes those things. No one.

My name is Josh St. John. I’m currently 31 years of age, and I reside in Grandville, Michigan. During the day I work as a Senior Technical Advisor for one of the largest companies in the world. When I’m not working I’m usually playing video games, watching reality TV, listening to NPR as I do the dishes, or (hopefully) writing. My favorite board game is Clue, and my favorite alcoholic beverage is a Long Island Iced Tea (though White Russians are a close second).

I currently have three books in my serial Acorn 666 published and available on Amazon, and I’m working on a new serial titled Trailer Queens which I’m hoping will be ready for release late Spring/early Summer.

I’m going to use this space on the information super highway to keep me accountable. First, I need to be accountable for my writing. Second, I need to be accountable for my weight loss. Third, I need to be held accountable for my mental health.

I’m hoping I provide some sort of entertainment, whether you buy my books or not.

Anywho, welcome to jstjWrites.com. Feel free to introduce yourself below.